The Race

The Falklands Ultra is a single stage race over the stunning open terrain of East Falkland. It will be run under a permit issued by the UK Trail Running Association and run according to the rules of UK Athletics.


There are three distance options:

 - The Falklands Ultra 100 miles is 100 miles (160km)  - ITRA points: 6*

 - The Falklands Ultra 100 km is 60 miles (100km)  - ITRA points: 4*

 - The Marathon: 26 and a bit miles (42.2km)

*ITRA (International Trail Running Association) points subject to confirmation.

The 60 mile race joins the Falkland Ultra 100 mile route around the halfway point with all races sharing the same finish in the centre of Stanley.

Team Challenge

If you wish to enter a team of four, each completing approximately a marathon distance section of the 100-mile course then please contact the organisers.


Underfoot you will find a variety of terrain: Mainly peaty, rocky, boggy, muddy, open moorland and hills some gravel track before finishing off with tarmac for a few hundred metres. There are a couple of river crossings. Expect to get wet feet! The course avoids the treacherous “rock rivers” flowing down the hills and across the open land wherever possible, but if you find yourself in one the utmost care is required!

Climb / Elevation

The 100-mile and marathon courses visit the highest point in the Falklands, Mount Usborne, at 705m above sea level. The summit provides some of the most dramatic views across the Islands.

Cut-off times

The cut-off times are as generous as we can make them.

This means that the courses can be completed at a walking pace. If you think that you will be pushing the 100-mile time limit, we strongly recommend that you enter the 100km event, which allows for a slower pace.

Support Stations

There are 16 refreshment stations over the 100-mile course. They will all supply drinking water. Food and other drinks will vary at each support station and you will be told before the race starts what will be available at each.

Kit drop-off Points

There are several checkpoints where kit bags can be placed before the race to allow for a change of kit (not applicable for marathon).

Mandatory Kit

All competitors will be required to carry mandatory kit. This will include a GPS tracker supplied by the race that will be monitored for your safety and to aid logistics.


The only predictable thing about the weather in the Falklands is its variability. You may encounter sun, wind, rain, hail and snow in the same day.

Marked Route

Navigation skills not required but advised. The route will be marked and all checkpoints must be visited. Maps will be provided to competitors in case of emergency or straying from the route.

The Course

Inspired by the routes taken by British forces during the 1982 operation to liberate the Islands, the course winds its way from Goose Green to finish in the capital, Stanley. Along the way the 100-mile competitors will take in the magnificent views from the highest point in the Falklands, Mount Usborne, before descending to San Carlos Water to pick up the 100km runners. All will then make their way across the island past Teal Inlet and Estancia before the final approach to Stanley past Mount Kent, Mount Longdon, Two Sisters, Tumbledown and Wireless Ridge.

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