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Teaming up with The Foundry to get you Falklands Fit!

The Falklands Ultra have teamed up with “one of the best gyms in the world”*, The Foundry in London, to deliver a uniquely designed program for our Falklands Ultra runners. Over the course of the year the team will be helping our runners get ‘Falklands Fit’ through strength building and fitness exercises by taking you through their workouts step by step and using video example sessions. These are optional but you will have some of the world’s leading trainers helping you get the most out of this adventure challenge.

‘The Foundry gives everyone the opportunity to be trained and treated like a professional athlete within a team environment, not just the 100 plus Olympic and international sportsmen and sportswomen who have trained with our world-class coaches’.

On the 18th March next year we will depart for the Falklands. Now that we are in the official countdown until the race we kick of with the following sets.

MARCH 2021 Exercises

To see how you should be following the exercises go on to our Falklands Ultra YouTube channel where your trainer will explain each activity and how to do them safely.

The Falklands Ultra is a single-stage ultramarathon - 100 miles or 100 km, across terrain which can expose you to all kinds of weather. Being mentally and physically prepared can be the difference between having a good race to having an amazing race.

The Foundry's call to action "Where The Strong Belong" is an attitude - members and guests are strong in mind, strong in body, and strong in commitment.

*Men’s Health & Women’s Health

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