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Mike Wardian throws down the Gauntlet!

If 2020, has taught me anything it has been to take advantage of every opportunity and chase your dreams when you can as something can snatch them away at any moment.

My favorite things in the world are travel and racing especially with my family. Early in 2020, pre-COVID, we fulfilled a lifelong dream of doing a safari in Tanzania and we were struck by the sheer beauty of the animals, people and power of the landscape. We had dreamed of what it would be like for years and it was even better than we expected. I didn't get to race but needed a break from a huge 2019 so it was perfect.

When I heard about the Falklands Ultra, I thought about it for about two seconds before signing up as I knew we could combine our love of travel with my drive to compete. We are so blown away by the organization, landscape, remoteness and ruggedness that we cannot wait to take part and explore everything the Falklands and that part of the world has to offer.

We are planning that before and/or after the event we can explore South America and Antarctica. We are hoping to use the Falklands Ultra as an opportunity to share the world with our boys, Pierce (14) and Grant (12), they have been to over 25 countries but this trip will help them get the last of the 7 continents off their bucket lists and of course Antarctica, which is so beyond amazing.

I want to do the Falklands Ultra as I think racing across the island will be challenging, majestic, unique and the course looks spectacular. I am highly competitive, so I just don't want to just race but I want to put myself in a position to be the person to win the first ever Falklands Ultra. I love seeing what I can do and continuing to evolve as an athlete and I think the terrain, weather and competition at the Falklands Ultra will be second to none.

I hope you will join me and we can share this experience together. Let's do something life changing.

by Mike Wardian, January 2021

Copyright Mike Wardian 2021

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