Our Partners and Associations

Gazelle Travel Ltd.

Gazelle Travel are our travel partners and provide the ATOL protection for your adventure. They can arrange flights to join the trip from airports around the world. If you want to make any amendments to the flight portion of your trip one of the friendly travel experts at Gazelle Travel can help you out!

Tel: 01274 381 222

Falkland Island Tourist Board

Escape on the Ultimate Island Adventure!

Imagine a place that is so far off the beaten track you have miles of stunning landscape, beaches and magnificent bird life all to yourself.  Imagine a silence that is only broken by the call of the birds, and your own footsteps as you explore these beautiful islands in the South Atlantic Ocean.

This is the Falkland Islands, one of the last great wilderness destinations where your trip becomes an adventure.

Carbon Footprint Ltd.

The Falklands Ultra is a carbon neutral event. Flying internationally is a high carbon activity. We work with carbon offsetting organisation Carbon Footprint Ltd to ensure that we keep our global environmental impact to a minimum.

We invest in carbon offset projects to international standards, including the Verified Carbon Standard (VCS), Gold Standard Voluntary Emission Reductions (VER) and Certified Emission Reductions (CER). All of which meet the Quality Assurance Standard for Carbon Offsetting and BSI's PAS 2060 specification on carbon neutrality.

Trail Running Association

The TRA promotes and encourages participation in the athletic discipline of Trail Running throughout the United Kingdom and provides guidance and facilities for organisers of trail races.

The TRA is an associate member of UK Athletics (UKA). The TRA supports UKA in the management and regulation of trail running, and through this association with UKA, the TRA is able to issue permits to race organisers on behalf of UKA. 

The Falklands Ultra will be run under a TRA permit.

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Our Charity Partners

Falklands Islands Overseas Games Association

FIOGA has its origins in supporting Falkland Islands athletes to attend the International Island Games and the Commonwealth Games and is the official representative body in those organisations. It is a Falklands registered charity, which has since expanded its remit to promote all sports and an active lifestyle to all ages in the community. We are the principal fundraiser for all affiliated sports competing overseas and play an active role in developing sports assets in the Islands.

Mike Summers, chairman of FIOGA: “Having Falklands Ultra supporting FIOGA is both exciting and appropriate, giving Falklands Ultra the opportunity to contribute further to the development of Falklands sport. We very much look forward to Falklands Ultra becoming a regular and exciting stop on the Ultra calendar.”


DEBRA is the national charity supporting those directly affected by, and working with, Epidermolysis Bullosa (EB) – a potentially fatal skin condition that causes constant pain due to unstoppable internal and external blistering. DEBRA provides lifelong care and support to the entire EB community.

Simon Weston, President of DEBRA says: “The Falklands Ultra will give you some amazing experiences in one of the most beautiful places on earth. Please use the opportunity to support DEBRA. I will see you all there in April!”

The Sailors' Society

Sailors’ Society is an international Christian charity working in ports across the world. Our chaplains help seafarers and their families, from all faiths and none, with welfare and practical support. We visit ships in ports and talk with seafarers away from home for up to a year at a time; we help them get in touch with much missed loved ones and access medical treatment; we liaise with frightened families when seafarers are kidnapped by terrorists or imprisoned, mostly through no fault of their own; and we build homes and schools and provide grants to bring hope and security to seafaring communities.

Falklands Veterans Foundation

The Falklands Veterans Foundation (FVF) was the first UK based charity for Falklands Veterans and their immediate families and is committed to providing a network of support and direction for those in need.

The FVF works in partnership with all other Service Charities and organisations providing assistance for Falklands Veterans and their families.

The South Atlantic Medal Association

The main purposes of SAMA(82) are simply stated. We intend to maintain and promote a sense of pride and comradeship among all veterans of the South Atlantic campaign, and to keep them in touch with each other, in a manner which respects both individual privacy and personal requirements.

We also wish to establish and maintain contact with other organisations involved in the welfare of the Armed Forces and ensure that due consideration is given to the interests of South Atlantic veterans.


SAMA(82) will also investigate for consideration, by an appropriate organisation, any case of hardship or distress amongst South Atlantic veterans in which direct financial assistance is sought or recommended.

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