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Frequently Asked Questions

How far is the race?

The long course is 106 miles, the short course is 100 km (60 miles). Teams of four can also complete the long course in a relay with each team member completing approximately a marathon distance. All distances subject to final planning and land access restrictions.

What is the terrain like?

The route will take you across a variety of terrain: Some gravel road, some footpaths and across wild, open moorland and hills.

Is the course marked? / Do I need to know how to read a map?

The course is fully marked. All competitors will be GPS tracked and anybody wandering significantly off route will be intercepted and corrected. Navigation is not intended to be the challenge.

Can I bring a supporter?

Yes. Please email the organisers to discuss further.

What will the weather be like?

The weather in the Falkland Islands can be unpredictable. One of the biggest challenges that competitors will have to contend with is the weather. With so little land mass at that latitude the weather changes rapidly. It is not unusual to have warm sun, bitterly cold winds, hailstorms, snow blizzard and torrential rain on the same day. With no trees on the Islands there is no shelter when the weather turns for the worse. Competitors will be exposed. They need to be prepared and carry kit for all conditions. The Falklands Ultra is not a hot-weather or a cold-weather ultra… it is an all-weather ultra.

What is included in the package?

The standard package includes return flights from Santiago (Chile), accommodation in the Falklands, activities, some meals, all internal transport in the Falklands and race entry. More detail will be available in the brochure.

Can I get a race-only ticket and self-book flights?

Unfortunately, we cannot offer race-only packages to non-Islanders for a variety of reasons: For part of the international leg we are chartering an aircraft and if someone joins the party in the Falklands then because of capacity limitations there would be an empty seat on the plane that would still need to be paid for. In addition, we have made a commitment to ensure carbon-neutrality and we need to capture all the carbon-intensive activities.

What if I want to fly somewhere else before or after the Ultra?

For self-bookers we offer a package joining/leaving at our intermediate airport in South America. This package is £4,450pp. We would recommend booking legs before/after the Ultra with our travel partner Gazelle Travel to ensure compatibility with connections and the best pricing.

Will there be any aid stations during the race?

Yes. There are numerous well-stocked aid stations providing water, and a selection of food.

Will the course be cleared after the race?

The trail will be restored to perfection after the race. The country is probably the least polluted on the planet and we need to leave it that way.

Is there a mandatory kit list?

Yes. This is being finalised and will be published soon. Expect the normal things for wild country where cold or wet weather can appear quickly.

What are the dates?

The dates for the inaugural Falklands Ultra are 8th - 15th April 2023; these are departure/return dates from Santiago, Chile.

Will there be GPS tracking?

Yes. All competitors will be issued with a GPS tracker and monitored from our operations HQ. We are investigating whether this data can be put online for supporters at home to follow your progress.