What is

The Falklands Ultramarathon?

Welcome to an opportunity for a life-changing, horizon - broadening challenge that will push your body further than you thought possible!

This isn’t just a challenging endurance race in a forgotten corner of the globe. The Falklands Ultra is an extraordinary experience of a lifetime - a week-long adventure in a country that few have visited. Nowhere else in the world has such a unique mix of epic terrain, friendly wildlife and iconic battlefield history.

April 2023 will see the inaugural running of the Falklands Ultra - a single-stage international ultramarathon over the stunning open terrain of East Falkland in the South Atlantic. From Goose Green to Stanley via Ajax Bay, San Carlos, and past the hills of Mount Kent, Mount Longdon, Mount Harriet, Two Sisters, Tumbledown and Wireless Ridge.

With generous cut-off times competitors of a wide range of ability will be able to challenge themselves and find out what they are really capable of.

The Falklands Ultra is more than just the race. It is an opportunity to immerse yourself in the local culture and sample all that the Falklands have to offer! The event is an all-inclusive package with return flights from Santiago, accommodation, food, the race and organised activities.

The Location

The Falkland Islands lie in the South Atlantic about 7,800 miles from the UK. All of the action takes place on the northern part of East Falkland - the largest of the islands.  Stanley is the capital and this is where you will be accommodated throughout the event.

The Race

The Falklands Ultra is a non-stop race over the stunning open terrain of East Falkland. 

There are several options:

 - The Falklands Ultra 100 mile:  The ultimate individual challenge - a 100 mile race retracing some of the footsteps taken during the 1982 conflict, passing through iconic places such as Goose Green and San Carlos.


 - The Falklands Ultra 100 km:  The 100km/60 mile race joins the Falkland Ultra 100 mile route around the halfway point, with all races sharing the same finish in the centre of Stanley, the capital of the Falkland Islands.

 - The Falklands Ultra marathon:  This marathon distance course starts with the 100-milers at Goose Green and climbs to the highest point on the Islands, Mount Usborne, before descending back down to the water's edge.


The inaugural Falklands Ultra will take place 8th - 15th April 2023 (the departure and return dates from the Santiago, Chile).


You will be required to make your own way to Santiago International Airport, Chile, for the start point of the Falklands Ultra adventure.  If you intend to book connecting flights to Santiago we strongly recommend allowing in excess of 24 hours (and booking overnight accommodation), both outbound and return, to make the connection in case of any delays. We do not offer or operate international flights to Santiago; however, we do work closely with a flight specialist who can provide information and independently arrange suitable connecting flights (further details will be provided in due course). There is a wide choice of airline services and a range of price options for flights to Santiago, Chile, and you are free to make your own flight arrangements if you prefer.


Falkland Islanders are proud of their hearty home-cooked food and delicious desserts. Stanley boasts a variety of eating opportunities including cafes, pubs and restaurants. Don’t miss typical tastes of the Falklands - squid, upland goose pate, lamb, mutton and beef. Vegetarians are also taken care of with tasty options on menus around the town. During the race checkpoints will be stocked with food and water.


You will be accommodated in Stanley, the capital of the Falkland Islands, with a range of options available that include hotels, lodges and home stay.  This will enable you to fully immerse yourself in the local community and experience life on this remote South Atlantic archipelago.


The total price departing from Santiago, Chile, is £4,450 per person.

A £250 deposit will be required to secure your place with intermediate payments due 1st April 2022 (£1,500) and 1st September (£1,500). The balance is due 15th December 2022.

Book with Confidence

This package holiday is covered by a scheme protecting your money if any end supplier fails and complies with the UK Package Travel Regulations. Payments are made using the Trust Account of Protected Trust Services (PTS). Falklands Ultra Ltd is registered with PTS membership number 5410.

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There is a lot more detail in our brochure - download here: